Welcome to the Matakana Coast Trail Trust

The Trust is the lead organisation that represents local trail building groups.

On their behalf, the trust  collaborates with local landowners and local government and central government agencies  to facilitate the planning, fundraising and building of a world class cycling and recreation trail.

The Matakana Coast Trail Trust is a Registered Charitable Trust.


The forests, beaches and oceans that stretch from Pūhoi to Mangawhai connect this landscape together as one.

Our vision is to create a series of trails that connect us with our coast and forests and the presence of the ocean Te Moananui-ā-Toi (the Hauraki Gulf).



A vibrant, world-class coastal trail connecting Pūhoi to Mangawhai, so all people can walk, run, cycle and horse ride in the presence of this coast.


With the support of local trail building groups, the development of a network of local trails that connect our communities to each other and onto local beaches and reserves.


A network of simple, low impact trails that journey back into our forests and to the west.

With each trail and every step seeking out moments to connect with the values, tupuna (ancestors) and spirit of the natural world of forests, coasts and ocean that keeps a watching presence over this special place. The vision for the trail will grow and evolve as the trail network grows and evolves.


Our purpose is to establish a trail Network from Pūhoi to Mangawhai

Our vision is to create a world class recreation and adventure trail connecting communities from Pūhoi in the south, spanning the Matakana Coast region to Mangawhai in the north.

A trail that offers walking, cycling, mountain biking and horse-riding paths for residents, visitors and tourists.

We will establish routes that reveal breathtaking natural features; waterways, beaches, parks, native bush, places of interest and communities.

The trail will become part of New Zealand’s National Cycle Network of trails and paths and is being created to encourage healthy lifestyles and tourism.

The Matakana Coast Trail Trust advocates for the regions trail groups and engages with Auckland Council, government and various stakeholders to establish trail access, raise funds and promote trail projects. We promote a cohesive community led effort to increase awareness of the regions needs and collectively address them. 

The Matakana Coast Trail Trust will promote stronger business performance and will effectively dovetail with broader tourism and economic development strategies in the greater Auckland and Northland regions.