Local trail communities are planning more trails and securing future access. We have engaged with public landowners, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, NZTA, Department of Conservation, private landowners, and the NZ Walking Access Commission to coordinate trail development.

MCTT Proposed Trails
Proposed New Trails: Puhoi to Mangawhai

Jones to Takatu Realignment

A 100m section of the Matakana to Omaha trail will be re-aligned so that its overall grade is improved and some sharp corners are softened. When the works are completed the trail will be safer for novice riders and families yet the fitness challenge represented by the hill will remain. We had been receiving reports of riders failing to negotiate the bends at the bottom of the hill on the trail. After carefully analysing the

Point Wells to Matakana Country Park Overview

Point Wells to Matakana Country Park

The Point Wells to Matakana Country Park trail is approximately 2.4km long and is primarily in the AT road corridor along Omaha Flats Road, north eastern side. An Access Easement has been provided by the Matakana Farm Park to take the trail out of the road corridor at their boundary. This trail section connects two significant points of interest and will take cyclists and walkers off the busy Omaha Flats Road. This project is ready


Stage 1: Warkworth to Snells Beach and Matakana

Stage 1: Warkworth to Snells Beach to Matakana: Connects urban centres including businesses, schools, and attractions for locals and visitors alike. Includes future housing and business areas identified in Warkworth and Snells Beach. It provides walking and cycling options for commuters and school kids between these towns. This stage is a family friendly and has a flat grade. It has an estimated cost of construction as $12.7 Million and benefit cost ratio of $1 invested

puhoi to mangawhai trail

Pūhoi to Mangawhai Trail Business Case

The Matakana Coastal Trail Trust have partnered with WSP Opus to assess the costs and to develop a business case for a trail connecting Pūhoi to Mangawai. The project uses WSP’s methodologies for trail design and costing and involves walking the entire 127km length of the trail with GPS and cameras. This data is then analysed to a 1 metre resolution by engineers to identify the required structures, the appropriate trail construction and any ancillary


Point Wells / Omaha to Matakana Trail

Pt Wells to Matakana Walkway/Cycleway 2010 -16  This walkway /cycleway was planned and built by members of the Matakana Community Group with support from a range of local community trucking, excavating and fencing contractors. Scott MacCallum managed the contract work.       There were five separate sections to the walkway  Stage one was the building of the walkway through the Rodney District Council wastewater plant property at Jones Road, Omaha. This involved forming a


The map below is a directory of our region’s trail groups.

MCTT Proposed Trails

Pūhoi Group Contact: Paul Manton

Mahurangi Trail Society Contact: Gary Heaven (Chair) Hugh Briggs (Secretary)

Big Omaha Trail Contact: John Bluck (Chair)

Matakana Community Group

Leigh Community Group

Pakiri Community Group
Contact: Nick Molloy

Sandspit Residents and Ratepayers Contact: Greg Doherty (Chair)

Mahurangi Coastal Trail Trust Contact: Cimino Cole (Secretary)

Mahurangi East Residents and Ratepayers

Omaha Beach Community Inc



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