PROJECT - Jones to Takatu Realignment

A 100m section of the Matakana to Omaha trail will be re-aligned so that its overall grade is improved and some sharp corners are softened. When the works are completed the trail will be safer for novice riders and families yet the fitness challenge represented by the hill will remain.

We had been receiving reports of riders failing to negotiate the bends at the bottom of the hill on the trail. After carefully analysing the section it became obvious that the trail at this point exceeded the 2019 NZCT standard for grade 5 (experienced cyclist grade). The remainder of the Matakana to Omaha trail is grade 2 or better. A summary of the trail NZCT 2019 Cycle Grade standards can be found here NZCT V5 Contractor Guide – Trail Grades

A local family owned company has kindly offered to donate machine time to allow us to remediate the section of trail. We have received enthusiastic support from Watercare – the land owner – for these works.

We have installed additional signage and ask trail users to respect this section of trail. It is a significant challenge and will remain at grade 4 standard after the completion of the works.

During the works the trail will be closed from Takatu Road and limited access to the trail, i.e. no through access, will remain from Jones Road to the Watercare ponds area. There is no alternative access from Takatu Road to Jones Road during the trail closure.


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