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The Matakana Coast Trail project is a community initiative driven by passionate people and a not-for-profit trust.

Reaching our ambitious goal of creating one of New Zealand’s best trails (we reckon the best!) requires strong support of all sectors of the community. If you share our passion then consider becoming a supporter.

We welcome support from both the private sector as well as business entities who wish to contribute.

Contact us today or consider the following ways in which you can help.

  1. Join our mailing list and become a friend of the trust. Potential funders look at these numbers, the more people on the list the more likely they are to provide funding.

  2. Like us on our Facebook page. Post your experiences about using our trails. Post images of things that you have seen elsewhere that may be useful for us to incorporate into our trails.

  3. Join your local trail group. Our local groups have working bees and gatherings and always appreciate an additional friendly face.

  4. Become a business partner. Can you offer us discounted services? Can we help you promote your products or services?

  5. Become a major donor. Contact us to discuss how this works.

  6. Set up a regular donation from your bank account to ours. We can provide a summary of your donations at the end of each year to help you claim your tax benefit.

  7. Make a one-off donation. 


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